Imagine:  there may be hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars belonging to you that you never knew you had !

Each year, billions of dollars in unclaimed funds are "lost" by the rightful owners across Australia and around the world.

Award Recovery Agency is an Australian-based, privately owned and operated business that specialises in locating and recovering unclaimed funds and returning them to their rightful owners.

With our dedication and professional research we have successfully recovered millions of dollars from companies, institutions and governments authorities.

We are committed to ensuring that these funds are returned to the rightful owners.

What are Unclaimed Funds?

A company or person due to forgetfulness, neglect, liquidation, relocation, death or whatever reason will leave money in a financial institution, insurance company or government authority. A letter or cheque will be sent to the rightful owner or “next of kin” by the institution to their last known address.  If this letter is addressed incorrectly, lost in the mail or does not reach the owner, the money is transferred into a government trust account (non interest bearing).  If the funds are not claimed within a certain time frame they become government revenue and are no longer available to be claimed by the rightful owner.


Each year billions of dollars in unclaimed funds are "lost" by the rightful owners across Australia and around the world.

Only 2% of rightful owners claim their money. 98% are simply not aware of their entitlement.

"The government holds a record $204 million in money from almost 161,000 forgotten bank accounts, waiting to be returned to its rightful owners - and you could be one of them"
Commonwealth Government, 27 September 2006

"There's almost $10 billion lying unclaimed in funds"
Sun Hearald, 28 January 2007

"Consumers have been urged to consider whether they are the owners or beneficiaries of unclaimed funds from insurance policies, bank accounts and company investments totalling almost $316 million.  'In the last financial year, approximately $27 million was claimed and over the same period, $59 million was added' Mr Tanzer said"
Commonwealth Government, 14 February 2006
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